Chiropractor Healing Arts Center is proud to have Sue Timpson an independent practioner at our facility.

Body Work & Wellness, Massage Therapy Practitioner

Sue Timpson, L.M.T.
Tel: (207) 671-1197 or (207) 767-3933

Sue Timpson has been a licensed massage therapist for 20 years. Prior to receiving her education at the Stillpoint School of Massage, outside of Amherst MA, she spent five years working with troubled teens. She has a background in martial arts and yoga. Working in a therapeutic environment and challenging herself physically, were two of the main reasons she was drawn to bodywork. Throughout the years, she has incorporated many techniques (from educational trainings in massage and yoga) that continue to enhance her practice. However, the best training by far has been the hundreds of people she has worked with throughout the years. Sue has found balance in creating a relaxing experience while working deeply with clients. Respect, hearing what clients need, and creating a soothing safe atmosphere is honored in her practice. With Sue, every stroke has a purpose. One finds that she is consistently thorough in her work; one never feels cheated or rushed.


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